What, or who, is at the center of your universe?

Whether we’re rich or poor, married or single, in a position of great influence or not—all of us face temptation in the areas of money, sex and power. They are the dangerous opportunities of our time—opportunities to destroy our own souls, or to experience the true joy of using them for God’s glory. When we have the blazing glory of Christ at the center of our spiritual solar system, the planets of money, sex and power find their true and beautiful orbits.

This book is for every Christian and will help you to wake up to the all-satisfying glory of God, and discover what you were made for.

1. Definitions and Foundations

2. The Pleasure-Destroying Dangers of Sex

3. The Wealth-Destroying Dangers of Money

4. The Self-Destroying Dangers of Power

5. Deliverance: The Return of the Sun to the Center

6. Deployment: The New Orbits for Money, Sex, and Power

Money, sex, and power

Three precious gifts of God. Three dangers ready to destroy our pleasure, our wealth, our souls. Three beautiful possibilities for worship and love.

The difference? Living in the light — “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” — satisfying the soul, setting us free, celebrating God, sending us to serve. This is the blazing sun at the center of all things, and the reality that keeps all the planets flying joyfully in their place.

  • "This book deserves careful consideration by every Christian. A theologically rich, biblically faithful exploration."

    R. Albert Mohler, Jr
    President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • "This book is ultimately and wonderfully about the supremely satisfying and shining glory of God in Christ."

    Kathleen Nielson
    Director of Women’s Initiative, The Gospel Coalition

  • "John Piper equips us to fight temptation by firing up our affections for the glory of God in Jesus Christ. I expect to give this book to many friends and fellow combatants in this spiritual war."

    Russell Moore
    President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention

  • "Living in the Light offers a vibrant, refreshing, and enriching paradigm-shift."

    Randy Alcorn
    Author of Money, Possessions and Eternity and Happiness

  • "In this short, pithy and powerful book, John Piper brings biblical wisdom, practical insight and a pastor's passion to the subject of money, sex, and power."

    Andrew Wilson
    Pastor at King's Church, Eastbourne, UK; author and blogger

  • "Searching in its analysis, searing in its challenge, and yet wonderfully invigorating in its encouragement—this book is urgently needed."

    Sam Allberry
    Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and author of Is God Anti-Gay?

  • "This is a brilliant book. John radically re-thinks the dangers of money, sex and power."

    Carrie Sandom
    Associate Minister for Women at St John's Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK; Director of Women's Ministry at The Proclamation Trust, London

  • "Highly readable, peppered with Scripture, personal and persuasive. Once again, Piper has written a wonderfully helpful book addressing key areas of our Christian lives."

    Paul Dale
    Senior Pastor, Church by the Bridge, Sydney, Australia

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